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At WoodsEdge Koi Farm, we’re passionate about helping you to keep your koi fish healthy. Below we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about keeping and breeding koi fish, but we’re happy to answer any additional questions you might have. Simply contact us today!

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Looking to start a koi breeding business of your own? We can help you create a health-centered business that produces quality fish for years to come! Learn more here.

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At WoodsEdge Koi Farm, we’re committed to being a valuable koi fish resource for you. Click here to find the answers to all of your koi fish questions and quandaries!

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Koi Fish FAQs

How do I know which koi fish breed to choose?

There is no right or wrong way to choose koi. We recommend choosing the breeds and color combination that look attractive to you. (You can view a comprehensive list of the breeds that we sell, along with photos, here.)

Still not sure? At WoodsEdge Koi Farm, we offer pond packages that take the guess-work out of creating a beautiful collection of koi. We’ve curated beautiful groups of koi whose patterns and personalities compliment each other. Find yours here!

How long do koi fish live?

Koi fish typically live 20-30 years, but with the right conditions can live over a hundred years!

How big do koi get?

Typically koi fish average 20-24” inches and around 12 pounds. 

Can koi fish survive in cold temperatures?

Koi can survive in water temperatures that range from 34ºF to 90ºF, though they prefer 65ºF to 75ºF.They can survive in wintertime as long as you keep a substantial hole in the ice to allow for oxygen flow. (You can achieve this using de-icers, bubblers, and aquarium heads.)

How much should I feed my koi?

When you feed your koi fish, set a timer for two minutes and let them eat as much as they can during this time. The frequency of feeding your koi fish depends on the season. In spring and summer when spawning typically occurs, feed them in this way twice a day. In fall, 2-4 feedings per week is enough. In colder weather (when temperatures are 52ºF or lower) don’t feed your koi at all.

How much water do my koi fish need?

Koi need lots of water. Experts generally recommend 10 gallons of water per every inch of fish.

Helpful Links about Koi Fish

Looking for more information about koi fish? Check out these great resources!

  • KoiVet.com: Help for all of your koi health questions from leading koi experts!
  • Koi Magazine: A magazine for all koi keepers and enthusiasts!
  • Associated Koi Clubs of America: A national nonprofit, committed to promoting the hobby of koi keeping, breeding, and appreciating.
  • Midwest Pond & Koi Society: A nonprofit for Midwestern families who love koi!

You can also contact us at any time. Our experts are happy to help you with any koi-related questions you might have!