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WoodsEdge Koi Farm is a leading Midwestern koi fish breeder with a passion for raising high-quality, healthy koi fish. Our breeding process begins with the best quality koi bloodlines and continues in our state-of-the-art farms and tanks. We monitor our koi closely and cull regularly to ensure that you get the best koi fish possible.

We've spawned thousands of  koi  and we look forward to helping you start or build on your own koi collection!

Breeder Sales

Looking to start a koi breeding business of your own? We can help you create a health-centered business that produces quality fish for years to come! Learn more here.

Pond Packages

Koi fish add beauty, interest, and value to any backyard pond. Our competitively-priced and carefully curated koi pond packages are the perfect way to start your collection. Learn more!


At WoodsEdge Koi Farm, we’re committed to being a valuable koi fish resource for you. Click here to find the answers to all of your koi fish questions and quandaries!

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Do you have questions about an order or about koi fish in general? We can help! Contact WoodsEdge Koi Farm today on the phone or using our online submission form. We’re here to help! 

Healthy, Heart Koi in a Variety of Breeds!

We offer a variety of beautiful koi breeds raised in sustainable and healthy ways. When you order fish from WoodsEdge Koi Farm, you can be sure that you’ll get healthy, hearty fish that will last. We provide next-day shipping on all breeder sales and pond packages and guarantee that your fish will arrive alive and healthy!