Koi Fish Breeding

At WoodsEdge Koi Farm, our breeding process has been honed and perfected. We begin with only the highest-quality breeds, and our focus on tank and fish health ensures that you’ll get hardy, healthy koi that will add value to your pond!

We’re passionate about breeding koi, and we’d love to help you start your own koi breeding business too! View our breeder sales page to select high-quality breeding koi, and start your collection today!

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Looking to start a koi breeding business of your own? We can help you create a health-centered business that produces quality fish for years to come! Learn more here.

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Health-Focused Koi Breeding Process

Healthy koi fish depend on healthy breeding practices. Here’s how ours works:

Step 1. Koi Spawning

At WoodsEdge Koi, our fish are spawned in separate, 1000-gallon tanks according to their breed and variety. We carefully select and pair compatible breeds, who lay and fertilize eggs on spawning mats along the sides and bottoms of the tanks.

Step 2. Koi Growth

The eggs hatch in 1,000 gallon tanks and once they've hatched it's about 2-3 days before they're tranferred to the clay ponds.

Step 3. Koi Culling/Sorting

When the koi have spent about three months in our ponds, we call and sort them by color, pattern, marking, and grade. Koi fish that show signs of potential are returned to the ponds to continue growing, while others are humanely removed.

Step 4. 90-Day Koi Isolation

Before our koi are sold, we segregate them for a 90-day period to ensure that they are disease-and-parasite free and ready to add to your pond!

Koi Breed Varieties

At WoodsEdge Koi Farm, we are committed to offering only the highest quality koi fish. We get our koi from the best koi fish bloodlines – straight from Japan. We offer the following koi varieties:


Asagi koi have a blue net-like pattern on their back with red or orange designs along the belly, gill plates, fins and body.

Doitsu Kujaku

This high-quality koi breed has dark, net-like markings, red or orange and white patterns, and scales along the dorsal and lateral lines that create a mirrored look and interesting pattern.

Doitsu Showa

Doitsu showa exhibit the same black base, red patches, and white markings as the regular show variety but have no scales at all or single lines of large scales along lateral and dorsal lines.


Hariwake koi have a metallic-white base with bright patterns of yellow or orange.


This scaleless, white koi features patterns of orange or yellow. The white base of this koi can be either matte (like the sanke) or metallic (like the hariwake).


Platinum are koi with a solid, metallic-white color. Although Platinum do not possess the interesting and intricate patterns of many other koi varieties, their bright metallic sheen will stand out noticeably in any pond.


Showa koi are black with sharp red patches and white markings. These hardy fish are perfect for creating an artistic atmosphere in your pond.

Beni Kikokuryu

This metallic, scaleless koi has a white and black pattern with rouge spots. The kikokuryu’s pattern can change due to water temperature, hardness, and koi genetics. In one season, the pattern of this koi can change dramatically.

Doitsu Platinum

Doitsu Platinum are koi with a solid, metallic-white color. They are gast growing and are friendly Koi.


Goromo koi have a dark (blue or black) shading over their patterns.

Hi Utsuri

Hi Utsuri are koi with a black base color and patterns of deep orange or red.


Kikokuryu are a metallic, doitsu koi with a white & black pattern. Kikokuryu are known for having a constantly changing pattern.


Sanke koi are tri-colored fish with white bodies and red and black markings. When choosing a sanke koi, make sure that the markings are evenly colored with sharp edges; avoid sanke koi with black markings on the head.


Shusui Koi have only one row of dark scales on top and one lateral line. The scales should be straight and complete


This uniform brown fish is the friendliest variety of koi and often used to accelerate hand-taming the group.

Doitsu Sanke

Doitsu Sanke have a smooth scaleless skin. The white bright white skin with striking red patches and lacquer-like black markings.


Goshiki are a five color koi in which red, black,white and blue are mixed to give the appearance of a purple coloring. Generally they are a white-based koi overlaid with a grey Asagi-like netting pattern overlaid with a red Kohaku-like pattern.

Ki Utsuri

The Ki Utsuri is a black-based koi with yellow and black markings wrapping the body in stripes or checkerboard style.


Kohaku are white koi fish with even markings, including a U-shaped hi over the head.

Shiro Utsuri

Shiro Utsuri are black-skinned koi with a white pattern. When purchasing this fish, look for a good balance between white and black and a unique pattern.

Yamato Nishiki

Yamato Nishiki are the metallic version of Sanke. The muted, matte colors of the Sanke are replaced by the bright, vibrant metallic colors of Yamato Nishiki.


With dozens of tanks, filters, and eleven clay ponds, the WoodsEdge Koi Farm is a thriving center for healthy koi. Click here to check out our facilities!

Breeder Sales

Looking to start a koi breeding business of your own? WoodsEdge Koi Farm can help you to select high-quality fish and create a health-centered business that produces quality fish for years to come! Learn more here.

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Koi fish add beauty, interest, and value to any backyard pond. Click here to view our competitive koi pond packages, and start your koi collection today!